The concept of Aircraft Recycling is based on the fact that, "the end of service life of an aircraft is not an end of the aircraft". Recycling aircraft is a series of activities: collecting recyclable materials and devices from aircraft that would otherwise be considered waste and sorting and processing those useful materials into raw materials for future aircraft and other industrial applications. Hundreds of recyclable materials are available in aging aircraft, and this number continually increases, based on economic and technological developments in the reuse field. Aircraft Recycling is a systematic procedure, which is done under procedures approved and accepted by the International Aviation Community.

Mesco Aerospace has carried out intensive studies on feasibility of various aviation and aerospace projects. One of such projects is "Aircraft Recycling". As the airline industry looks to become more eco-friendly and also cut costs, one area of increasing interest is that of aircraft recycling. Aircraft are typically made of a number of different devices and materials including short and long glass and carbon fiber composites, aluminum, wires, textiles and carpet, landing gears, electronic devices, foam, fluids, titanium and steel alloys, engines, and other parts. At the end of life of an airplane, majority of these materials and devices can be recovered, reused and recycled. As there are so many different uses of old aircraft parts, airplane recycling has become a new but already booming industry.

There is no facility for aircraft recycling in Asian region. Mesco is keen to pioneer this project at Seoni and has already initiated steps for the same. Mesco has taken the membership of Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA), an internationally acclaimed association of all the stake holders of aircraft recycling business.